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시티 Jazz 공연(무료) 국악과 재즈의 만남

2019.10.22 13:04 202 0


일시: 2019년 10월 22일(화) 저녁 8시
장소: Doo-Bop Jazz Bar (101 Edward Street, 브리즈번 4000)

Sophie is thrilled to launch her latest project, the Sophie Min Jazz Orchestra (SMO), which sees her explore new works for a modern jazz orchestra, combining traditional jazz techniques with the use of technology and unique cross-genre elements.

Around the world, musicians from diverse fields have been edging closer together to create cross-genre experiments, mixing ideas and concepts from both the jazz tradition and classical music. Sophie’s evolving body of musical output showcases a wide range of modern jazz arranging techniques, and has been influenced by orchestrations from classical chamber music, electronic music and traditional Korean instrumentation. Together, Sophie creates a modern vocabulary and a new exploration of the ‘jazz orchestra’ idiom.

The stellar line-up of musicians include: Tristan Rogers (trumpet/flugelhorn), Joshua Kehoe (tenor sax/flute/clarinet), Harry Ottley (alto/tenor/flute/clarinet), Joel Aspinall (tenor sax), Kayleigh Pincott (voice/effects), Zac Sakrewski (acoustic & electric bass/effects), Lachlan Hawkins (drums), and special guests “Nonsemble Strings”: Flora Wong (violin 1), Julianna Kim (violin 2), Kieran Welch (viola) and Briony Luttrell (cello).

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